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Community Impact

United Way of Clinton County, Iowa brings together individuals, businesses, industry, and nonprofit organizations to make positive changes in our community. We offer a cost effective and efficient approach to supporting local human service efforts that make a difference in our communities.

Your gift is combined with that of those from area businesses, and industries, as well as your friends, neighbors, and family to tackle tough community issues and implement effective community solutions. Your gift helps in many ways:

  • A child can receive needed medication on a Friday afternoon if the mother is out of money.
  • A father can send his children to day care until he receives his first check.
  • A family can get a food basket to tide them over when the utility bill is higher than expected.
  • Individuals learn parenting skills while they work through personal issues.

Together, we can do more than any single individual or group can in its own by creating real lasting changes in the building blocks of life: the EDUCATION, INCOME/FINANCIAL SECURITY, and HEALTH of our communities, our families, even the person next to us.

Everyone deserves a quality education that can lead to a job that supports a family throughout a lifetime.

This is what it means to LIVE UNITED.