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As the Fall 2017 Campaign Begins

Dear Residents of Clinton County:

The 2017 United Way campaign in Clinton County is under way.  The needs are real and local.  The faces and the stories and needs of our students are part of our daily conversations in our schools. The challenges that our country has experienced in the last month have been staggering.  Two major hurricanes, wildfires in the Northwest, along with “routine” challenges, demand that we pull together. The power of all of us working together is the message we have stressed to the Clinton Community School District.  Participation is more important than the size of one’s donation.  The challenge to each Clinton Community School employee is to donate $1 each pay period (twice a month).  If every district employee rises to that challenge, we could provide over $15,000 to meet local needs. My challenge to you is to consider a donation of $2 a month to the United Way.  The impact of everyone contributing to United Way creates an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives in our communities, especially our students.

Please consider making a difference!

Gary DeLacy

Clinton Community Schools