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Women's Health Services provides innovative, quality health care to women and their families by integrating medical, educational, and social programs in a confidential and compassionate atmosphere. Services include Family Planning, Health Education, Obstetrics and Gynocology. There are services for men and for women. All family members can receive checkups, flu shots and immunizations, diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative care, initial condition assessment and treatment, STI screening, and HIV/AIDs testing.

Over 300 educational programs are delivered each year, reaching 8,000 students and community members. The staff prides itself on providing factual information that students can apply to their own lives - from early elementary human growth and development education, through changes adolescents can expect though puberty, and honest discussions about the repercussions of sexual activity in high school and even college.


Women's Health Services offers additional education on a variety of life-phase issues: Talking to Your Child about Risky Behaviors, Menopause and Osteoporosis, and much more!



ASAC/New Directions: Substance Abuse prevention programs and counseling for adolescents and adults

Mentor Clinton: Community and school-based mentoring for at-risk kids

City of Clinton Recreation Department: CTC Summer Adventure Zone Day Camp

Clinton County Special Athletes: Athletic opportunities for special needs individuals

Family Resources: Emergency help for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other violent crimes

Gateway Impact Coalition: Meth/amphetamine substance use prevention program

Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois: Leadership and development program so girls are successful in life

Skyline Center, Inc.: Comprehensive support services for the intellectually disabled

YWCA of Clinton: Health memberships scholarships for low-income individuals and families