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About Us

United Way of Clinton County, Iowa works to create a better oportunity for all residents by building stronger Clinton County communities where we live, work, and play. We work in the areas of Health/Wellness, Education, and Financial Stability to improve childhood and youth success, economic mobility, and good health.



Imagine a community where all individuals have the opportunity to thrive and fulfill their dreams.  The United Way of Clinton County works tirelessly to achieve this goal – and we need your help! 

We imagine a community where all children enter school ready to learn, reading on grade level by the 3rd grade.  Where families are financially stable; and where our vulnerable population has a safety net when needed.

Our Board of Directors are your neighbors - Our agencies are the not-for-profits down the street from your office - and our clients are community members, just like me and you.  We are in the business of creating long-term, lasting social change in our community, and we need your assistance.  It takes everyone LIVING UNITED to create the improvements in our community’s social condition that we all seek.

We ask you to continue to imagine with us the change that we can effect when we work together.  I hope you will get involved in our mission to make a difference by donating to the United Way; Advocating for the United Way; or Volunteering with the United Way. 

No donation is too small.  If you have never given to the United Way before – I would challenge you to consider a donation of $1.  Whether you can afford just $1; or $1 per week; $1 per pay period; $1 per month; or $1 per day… with just $1 you will affect the lives of those in need.

Our 2nd quarter focus for 2018 is Youth Success.  As we head into spring - with all of the excitement for warmer weather, and nature coming back to life - Our kids are looking forward to being outside.  Not only is participating in youth sports a regular part of growing up – it is essential for healthy and optimal development.  Boosting the well-being of kids through this time can help our community’s future – as children who participate in such activities are better adjusted as they enter adulthood, with plenty of life skills and lessons under their belts.

It is my privilege to be the President of the Board of the Clinton County United Way for 2018.

Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can’

John Wesley

Anita Dalton
Board President


Message from our 2018 Community Development/Special Initiatives Chair - Lisa Howes


I would venture to guess that most of us have heard of the United Way organization.  I would also guess that many in our community do not understand what this organization actually does.  I was this person before becoming involved with the United Way of Clinton County, Iowa (UWCCI).

Since 1938, the United Way of Clinton County, Iowa has been creating opportunities within Clinton County to encourage people to rise above challenges and reach their full potential.  Over the past 80 years, agencies and programs within our county may have changed, but one thing that has remained constant is there will be friends, neighbors, or families who need a helping hand.  The problems a community may face also change with time, so finding solutions is an ongoing process.

The United Way of Clinton County is comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to being involved with the process of improving the common good.  The agencies that apply for funding from UWCCI are continually assessing the needs within our community and through a connected and interdependent relationship, work together to create solutions.  Focusing on the areas of Health and Wellness, Education, and Financial Stability, volunteers have multiple opportunities to engage.  As I said before, becoming involved with UWCCI has been a positive learning experience for me since I was not familiar with what exactly this organization did.  The impact upon this community is immense.  From the MENtoring reading program, to conducting classes on how to budget money, or administering funding to agencies for programs that provide safe housing options, or ensuring residents within our county that have physical or mental challenges have access to appropriate activities, the United Way of Clinton County, Iowa’s reach is far.

Our community’s needs may change, but the dedication to making a lasting difference where we live has not.  The United Way of Clinton County, Iowa depends on this dedication to continue making a positive impact.  I would like to encourage you to consider becoming involved with UWCCI, by donating your time, talents, and with whatever financial support you are able.  Great things happen when we Live United!

Lisa Howes                                                                                                                                  Community Development/Special Initiatives Chair



Message from our 2018 Citizens Review Committee Chair, Cheryl Frey

You may ask---How are the funds that our businesses and individuals donate to the United Way of Clinton County, Iowa (UWCCI) each year distributed among the many agencies?

The Citizens Review Committee (CRC) is a 21-member panel of dedicated volunteers who are involved in the process step-by-step, who then ultimately convey recommendations to the UWCCI Board of Trustees for review and final decision.

After the annual campaign ends, the CRC members begin reviewing the grant applications from agencies who are requesting funding. These applications contains program, budget, and management information. The average number of applications received each year has been thirty-one.

Each CRC member is assigned to one of the impact areas based on their area of expertise. The three impact areas are EDUCATION, FINANCIAL STABILITY, AND HEALTH/WELLNESS.

Within these areas, members are assigned one or two programs to conduct a one-on-one visit to the requesting agencies (referred to as a Liaison Visit). They provide a short report to other panel members on the program.

A representative from each organization then gives a short presentation to panel members assigned to the impact area within which they provide services. There are approximately seven members in each of the impact panels.

Following the presentations, all CRC members meet to decide on a funding level for each program to recommend to the Board of Trustees. We are particularly interested in if they do what they say they will do (results) and build upon those results each year.

The recommendations are then presented to the UWCCI Executive Committee and then on to the Board for approval.

As you can see, a lot of time and thought goes into the distribution of your CLINTON COUNTY UNITED WAY DONATION.

Thank you to all who give of their time and money to the UNITED WAY.

Thanks to the staff who put in many hours for the organizations and United Way of Clinton County, Iowa.

If you need more information or would like to donate time or funding, call the United Way of Clinton County, Iowa office at (563-242-1209).

Cheryl Frey                                                                                                                                           Citizens Review Committee Chair