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Education Impact Area

United Way fights for every child in Clinton County to read proficiently by the end of third and eighth grades.


United Way's educational goal is to ensure that youth gain the knowledge, skills, and credentials so that they are prepared for the workforce and able to obtain family-sustaining employment. The evidence clearly demonstrates this can only occur if a solid foundation has been laid; school readiness is predictive of early grade proficiency which is predictive of graduation.

How do we help?

AmeriCorps Reading Program:

United Way contributions fund the match money needed for the AmeriCorps reading program in three Clinton County School Districts. The program utilizes the latest research on reading intervention strategies and guidance from reading experts to provide struggling readers what they need - individualized, data-driven instruction, one-on-one attention, well-trained tutors, instructions delivered with fidelity, and the frequency and duration necessary for student achievement. Tutors commit to a year of AmeriCorps service, receive rigorous training and ongoing support throughout the year from literacy coaches, and use assesments to ensure their efforts produce the desired results - helping children achieve grade level reading proficiency. Particpants are three-times less likely to be assigned special education than non-participants, thus creating a permanent benefit to children and a significant on-going savings to schools.

Together we ARE making a difference. The graduation rate in Clinton County is increasing!

Without question, it takes entire communities working together more collaboratively than ever before to co-create community-based, comprehensive solutions that support children and students along the education continuum from birth,  through elementary school, high school, and career readiness.

Learn more about the AmeriCorps program here: corps