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Disaster Recovery Coalition of Clinton (DRCCC)


The Disaster Recovery Coalition of Clinton County has been activated to effectively and compassionately respond to the immediate and long term needs of families and individuals impacted by Covid-19. Over fifteen human service organizations have committed to coordinate services and provide available resources to either individual households, organizations, agencies, and groups addressing the unmet needs related to the county’s long-term recovery from this pandemic. These organizations recognize that it will take the collective and collaborative resources of public, private, voluntary and faith-based segments of our region to meet individual and organizational needs over the next several months.
The Coalition has established a Clinton County Recovery Fund to meet immediate and long-term needs. Those needs may include:
  • Post-traumatic stress counseling, relocation assistance, financial assistance for basic needs created by the disaster.
  • Infrastructure assistance to organizations impacted by the disaster and hindered in providing necessary aid to disaster victims
  • Augmentation, where appropriate, of emergency services being provided through individual organizations.

United Way of Clinton County, Iowa is acting as an agency for DRCCC.

How to contribute to the Recovery fund

Donate by Credit Card or Paypal. All funds donated will be redirected to DRCCC minus any associated transaction charges.


Send checks to:

PO Box 1681
Clinton, Iowa 52733-1681