United Way of Clinton County, Iowa Provides Supplemental Funds for DeWitt Central Community Student Lunch Program

United Way of Clinton County, Iowa (UWCCI) is keeping in touch with funded agencies to support agency staff and help with increased client needs through the Covid-19 pandemic. With secondary schools’ spring break extended, many students and their families were not prepared for extra food costs. UWCCI responded with $6,000 for the DeWitt Referral Center provide student lunch boxes and bags for these families. While not gourmet meals, these boxes and bags enable a family with additional unexpected costs or while laid off to pay bills and still have nutritious meals.
United Way of Clinton County Iowa also provided Central DeWitt Community Schools with just over $4,400 for paper supplies needed for their emergency student lunch program in effect through the normal school year. DeDe Wagner, Nutrition Director commented, “United Way stepped in and helped us take care of the cost of extras like plastic and paper bags, disposable containers, foil wrappers and sandwich bags. They provided us with the proper funds to supply the items we do not typically use during a normal serving day at Central DeWitt Community School District. It has helped ease that burden to make sure we could still feed our kids. Thank you to United Way for your loving donation during this trying time.”
United Way of Clinton County, Iowa’s ALICE data shows that about twenty-five percent of Clinton County residents work two or three jobs, and still have a hard time paying monthly expenses. These are the people providing services through the pandemic and need our help more than ever.
When we Live United, we don’t just change lives. We change what’s possible. Give to United Way and give generously. To learn more about United Way or make a contribution, visit www.clintonunitedway.org, or contact the local office at 242-1209 or administrator@clintonunitedway.org.