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Thank You Notes For Clinton County, Iowa

Show your appreciation and thank the people that are going above and beyond to deliver services in Clinton County, Iowa.

  • First responders and healthcare personnel - Police, Fire, & Healthcare workers on the front lines, risking their health and lives to serve our communities.
  • Local Post Offices & government officials who are doing their best to keep city and county administration offices working.
  • Social services and charities are working to keep people fed and sheltered.
  • Schools, teachers, and clubs who are doing their best to provide learning activities for our children.
  • Business Services, retail stores and shop workers who are doing their best to keep the shelves stocked and customers served.


Select a card style and complete the form to have a Thank you note sent to your choice of recipient. You may create up to four.

Who should your message be from? Keep in mind these cards may be displayed publicly, so you may wish to use an initial to protect your privacy.
Receive regular updates (usually no more than weekly) on the work United Way is doing in our community.
Your Thank You Message
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Choose your thank you note theme. Examples are above.
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